Before discussing how to buy Ethereum, or an Ethereum Wallet, it is necessary to find out exactly what Ethereum is. The fact is, Ethereum is a new crypto-currency. To make things even clearer, it’s important to define the term Crypto-Currency.

Defining Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency, which has not been issued by a traditional source such as a bank, or any other registered financial institution. Purchases may be made from both online and physical stores using cryptocurrencies as payment. The first viable cryptocurrency was Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is another coin similar to Ethereum, although Ethereum has the reputation of being “better than” Bitcoin.
One of the easiest methods of buying Ethereum is to use Bitcoins, although it may be a complex process to acquire Bitcoins if a cryptocurrency trader does not already own some. To acquire Bitcoins before exchanging them for Ethereum, the prospective trader can use the services of, or Poloniex, the altcoin exchange. Kraken, the European cryptocurrency exchange is a place where cryptocurrency traders can either buy Bitcoins and exchange them for Ethereum, or buy Ethereum straight away without exchange for other altcoins.
Ethereum can also be bought from cryptocurrency trading companies such as Bitrush, Bittylicious, Coinimal or Iconomi. To purchase Ethereum from these companies it will probably be necessary for the crypto-trader to use a Debit Card such as GYROPAY, NETELLER, OBT, SEPA or Skrill.
If none of these methods are available to the crypto-trader, he or she may buy Ether with a Credit Card. The best method of doing this is to first purchase Bitcoins from an exchange such as Circle or CoinCorner.
If it is a matter of necessity, a crypto-trader will find it possible to purchase Ethereum through the services of PayPal. This is a round-about method of acquiring Ethereum, because the trader will first have to purchase SSL from VirWox and then follow this step by trading the SSL for Bitcoin.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Alliance

Ethereum and Bitcoin Alliance

Yet another method of buying Ethereum is to purchase it with what is called Fiat Currency. This term refers to the various real-world currencies such as the GBP, AUD, USD, the Yuan etc.
Once the crypto-trader has acquired some Ethereum, the safest way to store it is in an Ethereum Wallet. There are several brands of Ethereum Wallet:

Ethereum Wallet is the desktop version of an Ethereum wallet. This wallet accepts Bitcoin and other altcoins. These cryptocurrencies can be stored as ether in an Ethereum Wallet. This wallet has integrated with which makes Ethereum transactions easier.

Etherwall is an Ethereum wallet that can be installed with a Geth interface; Geth being a command line which uses, sends, receives and creates contracts with Ethereum. By installing Etherwall with Geth, the crypto-trader is creating an easy method of transacting with the Etherium network.

One option is a Java-scripted Ethereum wallet which can be used to create a safe wallet without the need of a command line such as Geth. It can also be used to create a paper Ethereum wallet, although a paper wallet is not considered to be a secure wallet. This Ethereum wallet can also be created using a Chrome Beta extension, which improves the user interface.

Ethereum Wallet is an Ethereum wallet that is still in the Beta phase and because of this it is not a safe place to store large amounts of Ethereum. This wallet has been developed by a new compnay and it is run on a client-side JavaScript.

Finally, the last option is an Ethereum wallet with enough flexibility to support brain wallets, bulk wallets, single wallets, split wallets and vanity wallets.

Meanwhile, this site is one of the best Ethereum wallets online to securely store Ethereum. This Ethereum wallet is a responsive service that offers a mobile browsing option. Despite the complexity that is normally present in transactions involving Ethereum, this wallet is easy to use. This Ethereum wallet has been designed with security as a primary focus. Crypto-traders will be happy with the frequent back-ups and cold-storage of Ether that this Ethereum wallet provides. Once Ethereum is stored in a secure Ethereum wallet such as this one it is completely immune from government interference and inflationary rates. Another reason to rush your Ethereum into a secure online wallet such as ethereum-wallet is that Ethereum is in relatively short supply. The support team strives to offer absolutely the best Ethereum-based services on the internet. On this site, it is easy to register and create an Ethereum wallet. Interested crypto-traders can just sign up to immediately receive answers to their questions about how to use the site. By creating an Ethereum wallet on this site, crypto-traders will become part a team that is actively helping the community of Ethereum traders to grow and mature.